Down, but not out (more like ready to "get down")! - May 9, 2013
Milo has been home from school for a couple of days. It's nothing serious, just a cold, but with his tonsil/adenoid surgery less than two weeks away I don't want to risk him getting any worse. He seems to really "sell" his malaise in the mornings, but this afternoon after a nap (which I regretted at bedtime) and a tylenol, he was ready for a dance party. Literally. Of course he saved his best moves for when the camera was off, but I still found these pretty entertaining :]


The plants are growing! - May 8, 2013
Every day Milo takes a break on this rock to see how the hosta is growing. It's actually quite surprising to see how much it changes from one day to the next.

It's not a bad deal going to the dentist - May 6, 2013
I wasn't sure how it would work having both kids' appointment at the dentist at the same time, but once they were plugged in it didn't matter really which room I was in :]

Look mom - no (training) wheels! - May 5, 2013
It was a big day for Kaden. One of those milestone moments in childhood. We took off his training wheels! He was obviously ready - and Craig's back was thankful for that. It took only a few tries before he was racing ahead of Craig. He's still working on starting and stopping, but it was remarkable to watch. Way to go!

Even from the start he was quick to get the hang of it. Most importantly, he was in great spirits, even when we toppled over.

It didn't take too long before he was making Craig really work to keep up with him!
Kaden was feeling confident enough that he was even hamming it up for the camera :]

Milo didn't want to miss out on the action. He got his turn to speed around the block with Daddy and got his picture taken too. He also got to be the first to get reacquainted with popsicle rock :]

Beaveree - May 4, 2013
It was a beautiful day for the Beaveree. We spent the afternoon outside moving through a rotation of activities, games and crafts. The theme was dinosaurs...we even got to dig for some.

Sleep Dancing? - May 3, 2013
I couldn't resist snapping this picture. I wonder what he was dreaming about :]

Sunny start to the month - May 1, 2013
It was a beautiful day to welcome May. The kids from the preschool stick around a little while afterwards now to play in "the green" as opposed to racing to our cars in the wind and rain. Later that day Milo and I had our snack outside.