The Adventures of Bucky! - January 22 - 29, 2013
Bucky the Beaver is a friend from Kaden's Beaver colony. Each week, one of the Beavers gets to take Bucky home and takes some pictures to put in his scrapbook. Well...you can imagine how seriously we took this task :] Bucky went everywhere with Kaden this week; including to bed, school, the library, gymnastics and a b-day party! Bucky was also loved at home reading with the boys, playing video games and playing outside. Fun!

Bucky got to visit Clanmore for a day...

Some fun with Bucky around the house - including being babysat by Grandma and Grandpa!

Bucky got to test his skills as a gymnast :]

Bucky helped celebrate Julian's first birthday at the Rainforest Cafe and then helped celebrate Nanny and Great Papa's anniversary at the Mandarin. He's a busy beaver.

Bucky's final night... Kaden took a few final pics with his pal while he was dressed as a Beaver himself :]

Where's Milo? - January 28, 2013
We try not to let Milo nap during the day because he is not sleepy at bedtime. The problem with not letting him nap is that he is very tired and gets grouchier the longer he is awake. Hopefully once his tonsils and adenoids are removed he will have better sleep at night and be able to get through the day a little happier. Today was one of those days when he napped making bedtime a little more "involved". After many trips back to his room to settle a talking Milo it looks like he figured out a better Plan B :]

Party! Party! Party! - January 27, 2013
Today was Julian's 1st birthday complete with a celebration at the Rainforest Cafe. The kids got a kick out of the restaurant, but Milo was skeptical about the thunder and lightening :]

From one restaurant to another - tonight we celebrated with Nanny and Great Papa to commemorate their anniversary.

Parent's Day at gymnastics - January 25, 2013
Today the parents got to enter the gym to take pictures of the kids in action.

The boys in action - bouncing and rolling!

Kitchen Science - January 20, 2013
Kaden got a water science kit for Christmas. Today he was conducting an experiment to clean water - it worked pretty well.

Budding-Paleontologists - January 15, 2013
Digging for bones in the kitchen is always fun!

The good and the bad of boys... - January 9, 2013
After picking up Kaden from school we built a snowman in the front yard. Fun!

This is what happens when you walk away from the hand blender standing up in the bowl of sweet potatoes to go and find out why the children are shrieking. Not fun.

Happy Milo - January 6, 2013
With the weather warming up the snow was ripe for building a snowman, which is just what Kaden and Daddy did. Later that day we picked up a bed from our neighbour to upgrade Milo to his "bigger boy bed"...he's quite the happy camper (and hopefully will sleep on his floor less often)!

To the slopes! - January 5, 2013
Today we "bogganed" with Grandma and Grandpa to show them the Zipfies in action. Grandpa took a few turns down the hill, but what looks like him grabbing for his hat is him actually reaching for his head after he hit it on the ice. The hill was much harder today so we pulled out the boys helmets. Unfortunately they were complaining of the cold so we had to do some rejigging of the hats. Kaden donned Craig's hat over his helmet. Milo had to wear his underneath his helmet (which probably made it much less effective, but we kept positive thoughts). And Craig had to settle for Kaden's hat. 

Lego Star Wars Rules - January 4, 2013
Kaden assembled his Tie Fighter today. He wanted me to take pictures from every angle (sorry for the resolution - I took the pics on my iPhone to send to my mom).

Playdate! - January 3 2013
Today we visited our good buddies for some lunch and a romp in the snow.

Slide + Snow + Snowpants = Slippery fast fun!
Kaden behind Milo = recipe for disaster (fortunately not the case here)...

Kaden got an awesome junior circuit set for x-mas (thanks Auntie Martha and Uncle Cliff). He's loving snapping the circuits together to make something happen - turn on a light, spin a fan, make some noise... Very cool.

Happy New Year! - January 1, 2013
By the time late afternoon rolled around it was time to get out of our pyjamas and get outside for some fresh air. We meandered down to the park. I think we spent more time to-ing and fro-ing than we did swinging, but it was all outside, which is what counts!