Night Skating - February 26, 2013
Tonight the Beavers (and families...Milo was happy to finally be included!) spent a rainy night at an outdoor skating park.

Dino-snow-aur! - February 24, 2013
Milo and Daddy built a snow-dino in the backyard. Too cute.

Family Fun-Day with the Steelheads - February 18, 2013
Today our local Scouting groups got to take in a pre-skate at the area of the Mississauga Steelheads. Later that day we got to come back and watch the game. The kids thoroughly enjoyed both.

Waste Free Lunches - February 13, 2013
Take a look at what Kaden has to pack on his back for his lunch and snacks!

Snow, snow and MORE snow! - February 8 & 9, 2013
Apparently Mother Nature was taking a page out of one of Robert Munsch's books today. It was a city-wide snow-day. The kids were ecstatic :] Nothing says fun like being able to toboggan in your own driveway!

The next day the sun was shining and the snow was calling!

The good and the bad of bread making! - February 2013
We've got a new bread maker and we're obviously still working out the kinks!

Whoops! - February 3, 2013
Today Milo helped Daddy clean the fish tank. I'm not exactly sure how the net helps in the process, but after a brief distraction, Milo discovers why you shouldn't let go!