Scoutrees - April 27, 2013
Each year, the Scouting groups in Mississauga help to plant trees in various parks throughout the city. This year the park happened to be just down the road from our house. The last picture shows the boys by the trees they planed (they are hard to see they are so small and thin), but we'll check back next year and see how they've grown!

Mom's taking us to the zoo...today! - April 21, 2013
Daddy had to work today so the boys and I went to the zoo. I thought the Kid's Zone would be open, but apparently it's closed until May. No matter, we visited areas of the zoo we didn't see the last time including some good places to run and climb. It was a bit chillier than I expected, but when the wind subsided the sun was warm on our faces (thank goodness for hoods though)! I think we are really going to enjoy having a membership this year.

Loblaws Cooking School - April 17, 2013
Milo's class took a fieldtrip to Loblaws to be "little cookers" as Milo likes to call himself when he helps in the kitchen. The kids made some oatmeal squares and worms and dirt. They also got a tour of the store, did the limbo and formed a conga line.

Milo "masters" the limbo by assuming the "duck squat" position :]

It's a bird, it's a plane...yes, it's a plane - April 14, 2013
We found some airplanes as I was cleaning up the office (they were leftovers from the loot bags for Kaden's b-day party last year). The boys assembled their planes and went to the park to launch them with Daddy while I hit the grocery store. Not too bad for a dollar store find.

Lego Land! - April 13, 2013
The Lego Land Discovery Centre recently opened in Vaughn. Craig really wanted to go for his birthday, but we figured March Break probably would have been a very busy time to go. So we waited a few weeks and picked a drizzly April weekend to check it out. You'd think the boys were zonked after our adventure to fall asleep in the car, but they both nodded off on the way there! The kids had fun exploring the Lego city and trying out a few of the Lego activities. There was also an indoor play area, two rides and a 4D theatre, which I think was the highlight. It was a good way to spend a few hours, but I thought there would be more hands-on Lego activities. The boys had fun, but for the price I'm not sure we would go back any time soon.

Kaden tested out his engineering skills to make an earthquake proof structure.